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New Jersey Water Science Center

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Picture of the New Jersey Water Science Center office

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USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state.

There is a USGS Water Science Center office in each State. Washington Oregon California Idaho Nevada Montana Wyoming Utah Colorado Arizona New Mexico North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Wisconsin Illinois Mississippi Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Alabama Pennsylvania West Virginia Georgia Florida Caribbean Alaska Hawaii New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine Massachusetts South Carolina North Carolina Rhode Island Virginia Connecticut New Jersey Maryland-Delaware-D.C.

New Jersey Water Science Center Employee Directory

New Jersey Water Science Center

3450 Princeton Pike, Suite 110
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Phone: 609-771-3900
FAX: 609-771-3915

Office of the Director
Associate Director
Administrative Services Unit
Discipline Specialists
Hydrologic Data Assessment Program
  Surface Water Unit
  Water Quality Unit
  Groundwater Unit
  Tide Unit
  Technical Support Team
National Programs
Water Quality & Biological Research Program
Hydrologic Simulation Program
Hydrologic Studies Program
Hydrologic Research Program
IT Support Unit
PSC3 - Publishing Service Center 3
Non-Science Center Staff

Office of the Director
Kropp, Richard H. Director 609-771-3901
Administrative Services Unit
Gibbs, Nancy B. Administrative Officer 609-771-3910
Hartmann, Jamie L. Administrative Specialist 609-771-3905
Kopec, Brett Administrative Opperations Assistant 609-771-3906
Discipline Specialists
Surface Water Specialist
Suro, Thomas Hydrologist 609-771-3968 / Profile
Acting Water Quality Specialist
Heckathorn, Heather A. Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3983
Groundwater Specialist
Charles, Emmanuel G. Hydrologist 609-771-3928 / Profile
Hydrologic Data Assessment Program
Hoppe, Heidi L. Supervisory Hydrologist/Chief


Surface Water Unit
Shvanda, Jason C. Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3991
Niemoczynski, Michal J. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3989 / Profile
Collenburg, Jerilyn Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3981
Trainor, John J. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3993
Painter, Brian S. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3975 / Profile
Atkinson, Robert Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3994
Braun, Karl M. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3973
Brown, Vincent F. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3986
Bowen, Patrick W. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3985
Shansey, Stephan D. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3990
Witzigman, Christopher Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3996
Master, Joshua Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3946
Water Quality Unit
Heckathorn, Heather A. Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3983
Feinson, Lawrence S. Hydrologist 609-771-3987
Deetz-Boetsma, Anna C. Hydrologist 609-771-3988
Carper, Lisa Physical Scientist 609-771-3982
Skulski, Daniel D. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3998
Schreiner, Molly L. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3951
Cohl, Johnathan Hydrologist 609-771-3982
Bjorklund, Brad Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3931
Zoida, Kaitlin Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3984
Tipton, Jamie Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3938
Groundwater Unit
Storck, Donald A. Hydrologist 609-771-3959
Tide Unit
Niemoczynski, Lukasz Hydrologist 609-771-3926
Vanselous, Aric Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3992
Technical Support Team
Hibbs, Kathleen L. Technology Information Specialist 609-771-3947
Edwards, Richard W. Electrical Technician 609-771-3999
Smith, Nicholas P. Hydrologic Technician 609-771-3927 / Profile
Best, Eric W. Hydrologist 609-771-3916
National Programs
Kennen, Jonathan G. Biologist 609-771-3948
Smalling, Kelly L. Research Hydrologist   / Profile
Water Quality & Biological Research Program
Reiser, Robert G. Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3932 / Profile
Szabo, Zoltan Research Hydrologist/Geochemistry 609-771-3929 / Profile
Kauffman, Leon J. Hydrologist  
Imbrigiotta, Thomas E. Hydrologist 609-771-3914 / Profile
Wilson, Timothy P. Hydrologist 609-771-3963 / Profile
Reilly, Pamela A. Hydrologist 609-406-3810 / Profile
Riskin, Melissa L. Hydrologist 609-771-3924 / Profile
Romanok, Kristin M. Hydrologist 609-771-3952 / Profile
Rosman, Robert Hydrologist 609-771-3949 / Profile
Jacobsen, Eric Hydrologist 609-771-3939 / Profile
Fiore, Alex R. Hydrologist 609-771-3913 / Profile
Hydrologic Simulation Program
Chepiga, Mary M. Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3955 / Profile
Modica, Edward Hydrologist 212-637-4315
Carleton, Glen B. Hydrologist 609-771-3921 / Profile
Charles, Emmanuel G. Hydrologist 609-771-3928 / Profile
De Paul, Vincent T. Hydrologist 609-771-3940 / Profile
Gordon, Alison D. Hydrologist 609-771-3934 / Profile
Spitz, Frederick J. Hydrologist 609-771-3954 / Profile
Watt, Martha K. Hydrologist 609-771-3908 / Profile
Nawyn, John P. Hydrologist 609-771-3964
Sullivan, Samantha L. Statistician 609-771-3965
Hydrologic Studies Program
Janowicz, Jon Supervisory Hydrologist 609-771-3941
Colarullo, Susan J. Hydrologist 609-771-3922 / Profile
Cauller, Stephen J. Hydrologist 609-771-3958 / Profile
Hopple, Jessica A. Hydrologist 609-771-3950 / Profile
Watson, Kara M. Hydrologist 609-771-3919 / Profile
Wieben, Christine M. Hydrologist 609-406-3817 / Profile
McHugh, Amy R. Hydrologist 609-771-3967 / Profile
Tessler, Steven Ecologist/Data Manager   / Profile
Shourds, Jennifer L. Hydrologist 609-406-3819 / Profile
Williams, Brianna M. Geographer 609-771-3937
Wengrowski, Emily E. Intern 609-771-3915
IT Support Unit
Chung, Kelvin. IT Specialist 609-771-3972
Bolden, Carol A. IT Specialist 609-771-3961
Taylor, Al IT Specialist 609-771-3814
PSC 3 - Publishing Service Center 3
Battista, Joseph PSC 3 - Supervisory Pub. Spec. 443-498-5516
Simmons, Dale L. PSC 3 - Hydrologist 609-771-3974
Simpson, Greg L. PSC 3 - Illustrator 609-771-3976
Sun, Dennis K. PSC 3 - Cartographer 609-406-3805
Larkins, Ruth M. PSC 3 - Editor 609-771-3971
Non-Science-Center Staff
Evenson, Eric J. ER - Program Officer 609-771-3904
Goode, Daniel J. PA WSC - Hydrologist 609-406-3812 / Profile
Nicholson, Robert Hydrologist  
Hickman, R. Edward Hydrologist 609-771-3956 / Profile

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