Long Island and New Jersey Coastal Drainages Biological Sampling Sites 
State  County     Site          Site Name                                       Location                                                   Elevation  Latitude  Longitude  Site   Body of Water   
NJ     Bergen     01390500*     Saddle River @ Ridgewood, NJ                    Reach is located 76 m upstream from bridge on State        82         405905    740530     BFS    Passaic River   
                                                                                Highway 17 in Ridgewood and 4.5 km upstream from                                                                  
                                                                                Hohokus Brook.                                                                                                    
NJ     Hunterdon  01398000*     Neshanic River at Reaville, NJ                  Reach is located 140.5 m DS from bridge on Everitts Rd,    120        402818    744942     BFS    Raritan River   
                                                                                0.97 km SW of Reaville, 2.4 km DS from Third Neshanic                                                             
                                                                                River, and 3.5 km upstream from Back Brook.                                                                       
NJ     Mercer     01401000*     Stony Brook @ Princeton, NJ                     Reach is located 31.2 m downstream of bridge on US 206,    60         401959    744056     BFS    Raritan River   
                                                                                2.6 km southwest of Princeton, and 6.4 km upstream from                                                           
                                                                                Carnegie Lake.                                                                                                    
NJ     Camden     01410784*     Great Egg Harbor River at Sicklerville, NJ      Reach is located at bridge on Willianstown - New Free      115        394402    745705     IFS    Great Egg       
                                                                                dom Road, 2.4 km northeast of Sicklerville and 5.1 km                                             Harbor River    
                                                                                upstream from Fourmile Branch                                                                                     
NY     Suffolk    01305500**    Swan River at East Patchogue, NY                Sampling site is located 27.4 m downstream from Mon        13         404601    725935     SYN    Swan River      
                                                                                tauk Highway in East Patchogue, NY and 1.9 km up                                                                  
                                                                                stream from mouth.                                                                                                
NJ     Somerset   01401600**    Beden Brook near Rocky Hill, NJ                 Site is located 20 m downstream of US Route 206 bridge,    45         402452    743902     SYN    Raritan River   
                                                                                1.1 km upstream from Pike Run, 1.9 km northwest of                                                                
                                                                                Rockey Hill and 7.4 km north of Princeton, NJ.                                                                    
NJ     Union      01394200**    Rahway R at Washington Park at Springfield, NJ  Site is located 240 m ds of Morris Ave. Bridge in Wash     75         404226    741806     SYN    Rahway River    
                                                                                ington Park, 0.5 km south of Springfield, NJ and 1.55 km                                                          
                                                                                NE of Milltown, NJ.                                                                                               
NJ     Morris     01379680**    Rockaway River at Longwood Valley, NJ           Site is located 250 m downstream of Berkshire Valley Rd.   690        405714    743417     SYN    Passaic River   
                                                                                bridge adjacent to Taylor Rd, 3.3 km NE of Berkshire                                                              
                                                                                Valley, NJ, and 3.7 km downstream of Longwood Lake.                                                               
NJ     Somerset   01403900*     Bound Brook @ Middlesex, NJ                     Reach is located 17.4 m downstream of bridge on King       38         403506    743029       IFS  Raritan River   
                                                                                George Rd.                                                                                                        
NJ     Somerset   01403300***   Raritan River at Queens Bridge at Raritan, NJ   Reach is located 25 m downstream of Queens Bridge on       15         403334    743141     BFS    Raritan River   
                  (INTEGRATOR)                                                  Main St. in Bound Brook, 2.7 km upstream of Fieldsville                                                           
NJ     Essex      01382000***   Passaic River at Two Bridges, NJ                Reach  is located at bridge on Two Bridges Road, above     155        405350    741623       BFS  Passaic River   
                  (INTEGRATOR)                                                  confluence with Pompton River, 0.5 km NE of Two                                                                   
                                                                                Bridges, NJ, and 4.2 km NW of Little Falls