Long Island and New Jersey Coastal Drainages Biological Sampling Sites: 
All synoptic sites listed in this table were sampled for Algae RTH, Invertebrate RTH, 
Level I Habitat Characterization and Wolman pebble analysis (Wolman, 1954) in FY96-97. 
State  County     Site      Site Name                          Location                                                                                  Elevation   Date      Lati    Longi   Site   Body of        Quad           Drainage   
                                                                                                                                                         ft. msl     Sampled   tude    tude    Type   Water                         Area       
NY     Suffolk    01304000  Nissequogue River near Smith       Sampling site is located 0.8 km downstream from New Mill Pond in Nissequogue State        39          09-04-96  405058  731329  SYN    Nissequogue    Central Islip  27.0       
                            town, NY                           park: about 183 m southeast of State Highway 25 and 1.6 km southwest of Smithtown.                                                     River                                    
NY     Suffolk    01305000  Carmans River at Yaphank,          Sampling site is located 15 m downstream from Long Island Railroad Bridge, 1.0 km         52          09-03-96  404949  725424  SYN    Carmans Riv    Belport        71.0       
                            NY                                 northeast of Yaphank Station, and 1.1 km southeast of Yaphank                                                                          er                                       
NY     Suffolk    01305500  Swan River at East Patchogue,      Sampling site is located 27.4 m downstream from Montauk Highway in East Patchogue,        13          09-03-96  404601  725935  SYN    Swan River     Belport        8.8        
                            NY                                 NY and 1.9 km upstream from mouth.                                                                                                                                              
NY     Suffolk    01306495  Connetquot River at Oakdale,       Supplememtary gage site is located 0.4 km northeast of main gage, 1.6 km west of          30          09-05-96  404451  730903  SYN    Connetquot     Bay Shore      12.0       
                            NY                                 Oakdale, and 3.2 km North of Village of Great River.                                                                                   River          East                      
NY     Suffolk    01308500  Carlls River at Babylon, NY        Sampling site is located 91 m dowstream of Southards Pond in Babylon, NY and 1.4 km       15          09-04-96  404231  731944  SYN    Carlls River   Bay Shore      35.0       
                                                               upstream from mouth.                                                                                                                                  West                      
NY     Nassau     01309500  Massapequa Creek at Mass           Sampling site is located 107 km west of Garfield Street along Lake Shore Drive, Mass      2           09-05-96  404120  732719  SYN    Massapequa     Amityville     38.0       
                            apequa, NY                         apequa, 0.3 km north of Massapequa Park, and 915 m upstream from Clark Ave Bridge.                                                     Creek                                    
NJ     Sussex     01367770  Wallkill River near Sussex, NJ     Sampling site is located 35 m DS of Glenwood Rd. bridge, 1.3 km upstream of Papaket       390         10-08-96  411138  743432  SYN    Hudson River   Hamburg        60.8       
                                                               ing Creek, 2.7 km southwest of Independence Corners and 3.2 km southeast of Sussex,                                                                                             
NJ     Morris     01379500  Passaic River near Chatham,        Site is located 52 m DS from Stanley Ave. bridge in Chatham and 4.8 km upstream from      194         10-03-96  404331  742323  SYN    Passaic River  Chatham        100.0      
                            NJ                                 Canoe Brook                                                                                                                                                                     
NJ     Morris     01380500  Rockaway River at Boonton,         Site is located 2.9 km upstream from dam at Boonton Reservoir, under New Jersey Tran      364         09-25-96  405410  742436  SYN    Passaic River  Boonton        116.0      
                            NJ (Above Reservoir)               sit railroad bridge and about 300 m downstream of bridge on Morris Ave. in Boonton.                                                                                             
NJ     Morris     01381500  Whippany @ Morristown, NJ          Site is located at Morristown STP (upstream of discharge), 1.3 km downstream from         255         09-30-96  404826  742722  SYN    Passaic River  Morristown     29.4       
                                                               Morristown and 14 km upstream of mouth.                                                                                                                                         
NJ     Passaic    01382800  Pequannock at Riverdale, NJ        Site is located 30 m upstream of bridge on Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike in Riverdale, 1.0    188         09-24-96  405955  741754  SYN    Passaic River  Pompton        83.9       
                                                               km upstream from Wanaque River and 4.5 km upstream from confluence with the Ra                                                                        Plains                    
                                                               mapo River.                                                                                                                                                                     
NJ     Bergen     01390450  Saddle River at Upper Saddle       Site is located 75 m upstream of Lake St. in Upper Saddle River and 2.1 km downstream     186         09-23-96  410332  740544  SYN    Passaic River  Park Ridge     7.0        
                            River, NJ                          from Pine Brook.                                                                                                                                                                
NJ     Hunterdon  01396535  SB. Raritan River at Arch St. at   Site is located 25 m downstream of bridge at Arch St. in High Bridge, 1.4 km northeast    240         09-11-96  403949  745352  SYN    Raritan River  High Bridge    68.8       
                            High Bridge, NJ                    of Mariannes Corner, 1.6 km downstream from Lake Solitude dam and 6.9 km northeast                                                                                              
                                                               of Norton, NJ.                                                                                                                                                                  
NJ     Hunterdon  01396588  Spruce Run near Glen Gardner,      Site is located 256 m downstream of Rocky Run, 0.5 km upstream of of Van Syckel Rd.       285         09-12-96  404041  745506  SYN    Raritan River  High Bridge    15.3       
                            NJ                                 bridge, 2.4 km northwest of Highbridge and 2.6 km southeast of Glen Gardner.                                                                                                    
NJ     Morris     01399500  Lamington (Black) River near       Site is located 1.9 km upstream from bridge on State Highway 512, 1.9 km northwest of     295         09-13-96  404339  744350  SYN    Raritan River  Gladstone      32.8       
                            Pottersville, NJ                   Pottersville and 8.8 km upstream from Cold Brook.                                                                                                                               
NJ     Somerset   01399780  Lamington River at Burnt           Site is located 25 m upstream of bridge on Burnt Mills Road in Burnt Mills, 426 m up      75          09-13-96  403804  744113  SYN    Raritan River  Gladstone      100        
                            Mills, NJ                          stream from mouth and 3.9 km southwest of Greater Cross Roads.                                                                                                                  
NJ     Somerset   01400000  NB Raritan River near Raritan,     Site is located 122 m upstream of US Highway 202 bridge, 2.3 km upstream from con         50          09-10-96  403410  744045  SYN    Raritan River  Raritan        190.0      
                            NJ                                 fluence with South Branch Raritan River and 4.3 km west of Raritan, NJ.                                                                                                         
NJ     Somerset   01401600  Beden Brook near Rocky Hill,       Site is located 20 m downstream of US Route 206 bridge, 1.1 km upstream from Pike         45          09-10-96  402452  743902  SYN    Raritan River  Rocky Hill     27.6       
                            NJ                                 Run, 1.9 km northwest of Rockey Hill and 7.4 km north of Princeton, NJ.                                                                                                         
NJ     Mon        01464515  Doctors Creek at Allentown,        Site is located 15 m downstream of bridge on Breza Rd. in Allentown and 1.3 km down       35          09-16-96  401037  743557  SYN    Delaware       Allentown      17.4       
       mouth                NJ                                 stream from Conines Millpond dam.                                                                                                      River                                    
NJ     Hunterdon  01397295  SB. Raritan River upstream         Site is located 80 m upstream of County Route 523 bridge in Darts Mill, NJ, 1.8 km east   108         09-11-96  403216  745016  SYN    Raritan River  Flemington     165.4      
                            Rte. 523 at Darts Mills, NJ        of Bartles Corner and 500 m downstream of confluence with Assiscong Creek.                                                                                                      
NJ     Union      01393400  Elizabeth River at Hillside, NJ.   Site is located 60 m DS of Salem Road bridge, 1.1 km north of Newark State College and    30          10-03-96  404119  741416  SYN    Elizabeth      Elizabeth      13.65      
                                                               1.2 km above Ursino Lake.                                                                                                              River                                    
NJ     Union      01394200  Rahway River at Washington         Site is located 240 m ds of Morris Ave. Bridge in Washington Park, 0.5 km south of        75          10-02-96  404226  741806  SYN    Rahway River   Roselle        18.11      
                            Park at Springfield, NJ            Springfield, NJ and 1.55 km NE of Milltown, NJ.                                                                                                                                 
NJ     Huterdon   01456600  Musconectcong River at             Site is located 30 m downstream of State Route 31 bridge along Hampton Park in Hamp       315         09-12-96  404242  745806  SYN    Delaware       High Bridge    122.0      
                            Hampton, NJ (Hampton Park)         ton, NJ, and 2.8 km NW of Glen Gardner, NJ.                                                                                            River                                    
NJ     Morris     01381295  Whippany River downstream          Site is located 650 m downstream of Tingley Rd. bridge adjacent to State Route 24 and     345         09-30-96  404723  743238  SYN    Passaic River  Mendham        8.29       
                            Tingley Rd. nr Brookside,, NJ      5.3 km east of Mendham, NJ.                                                                                                                                                     
NJ     Warren     01456070  Musconetcong River down            Site is located behind K-Mart shopping center in Hackettstown, NJ of Mountain Ave.        518         10-01-96  405028  744915  SYN    Delaware       Hacketts-      76.3       
                            stream East Ave. @ Hack            (State Rte. 57), 1.2 km upstream of confluence with Mine Brook and 4.6 km NE of Be                                                     River          town                      
                            ettstown, NJ                       attystown, NJ.                                                                                                                                                                  
NJ     Morris     01379680  Rockaway River at Longwood         Site is located 250 m downstream of Berkshire Valley Rd. bridge adjacent to Taylor Rd,    690         09-25-96  405714  743417  SYN    Passaic River  Dover          22.1       
                            Valley, NJ                         3.3 km NE of Berkshire Valley, NJ, and 3.7 km downstream of Longwood Lake.                                                                                                      
NJ     Warren     01443515  Paulins Kill @ Blairstown, NJ      Site is located just downstream of Walk Bridge Park in Blairstown, NJ, 45 m downstream    325         09-26-96  405851  745740  SYN    Delaware       Blairstown     140.6      
                                                               of confluence with Blair Creek, 0.5 km south of Blair Academy and 20 m south of State                                                  River                                    
                                                               Route 94.                                                                                                                                                                       
NJ     Passaic    01387042  Pequannock River below             Site is located 40 m downstream of Riverdale Rd. bridge on the border of Pompton Lakes    180         10-08-96  405914  741737  SYN    Passaic River  Pompton        191.1      
                            Wanaque River at Pompton           and Riverdale, NJ and 50 meters downstream from the confluence with Wanaque River.                                                                    Plains                    
                            Lakes, NJ                                                                                                                                                                                                          
NJ     Passaic    01387041  Wanaque River at Pompton           Site is located 220 m upstream of Riverdale Rd. bridge in Pompton Lakes, NJ, 210 m up     185         09-24-96  405917  741731  SYN    Passaic River  Pompton        106.9      
                            Lakes, NJ                          stream from the Pequannock River confluence and 0.4 km east of Riverdale, NJ.                                                                         Plains                    
NJ     Sussex     01443290  Paulins Kill upstream Rte 206      Site is located 280 m downstream of Lafayette Meadows Rd. bridge in Lafayette, NJ and     540         10-01-96  410555  744128  SYN    Delaware       Newton East    26.3       
                            at Lafayette, NJ                   3.2 km SE of Ross Corner, NJ.                                                                                                          River                                    
NJ     Sussex     01440010  Flat Brook near Flatbrookville,    Site is located 25 m downstream from Old Mine Rd. adjecent to County Route 615, 1.0       340         09-26-96  410556  745758  SYN    Delaware       Flatbrook-     65.0       
                            NJ                                 km from Flatbrookville and 1.3 km upstream from mouth.                                                                                 River          ville                     
NJ     Sussex     01443310  Paulins Kill at Agusta, NJ         Site is located 25 m downstream of Agusta Hill Rd in Agusta, NJ, adjacent to US Rte.      500         09-27-96  410741  751039  SYN    Delaware       Branchville    39.6       
                                                               206, 1.8 km west of Ross Corner, NJ and 1.1 km upstream of confluence with Dry Brook.                                                  River                                    
NJ     Passaic    01383505  Wanaque River nr Awosting,         Site is located along East Shore Rd. 1.5 km downstream of Greenwood Lake in Awost         585         09-17-96  410949  741906  SYN    Passaic River  Greenwood      27.8       
                            NJ (East Shore Rd)                 ing, NJ, and 2.6 km upstream of Monksville Reservoir.                                                                                                 Lake                      
NJ     Bergan     01390815  Hohokus Brook downstream           Site is located 350 ft downstream of West Crescent Ave. bridge, 1.6 km south of Allen     270         10-02-96  410132  740814  SYN    Passaic River  Ramsey         9.45       
                            W. Crescent Ave at  Allendale,     dale, NJ and 1.3 km downstream of confluence with Valentine Brook.