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New Jersey Water Science Center Publications
Circulars, Bulletins, and Professional Papers

The USGS New Jersey Water Science Center publishes water-information reports on many topics and in many formats. From this Web page, you can locate, view, download, or order scientific and technical articles and reports as well as general interest publications such as booklets, fact sheets, pamphlets, and posters resulting from the research performed by our scientists and partners.

Circulars Bulletins Professional Papers


Circular 1354 The quality of our Nation’s waters—Water quality in the Principal Aquifers of the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley and Ridge regions, eastern United States, 1993–2009.

Circular 1353 The quality of our Nation’s waters—Water quality in the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain surficial aquifer system, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia, 1988–2009.

Circular 1227 Water Quality in the Delaware River Basin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware, 1998-2001

Circular 1201 Water quality in the Long Island-New Jersey Coastal drainages, New York and New Jersey, 1996-98

Circular 1173 Environmental characteristics and water quality of hydrologic  benchmark network stations--McDonalds Branch in Lebanon State Forest, New Jersey

Circular 1108 Natural radionuclides in earth, air, and water, and the effect on human health

Circular 1059 Campanian to Quaternary depositional sequences in the Baltimore Canyon Trough and their relations to deposits underlying the Middle U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain

Circular 1059 Geochemical variation in pore-water samples from the Freehold, New Jersey, core

Circular 1059 Hydrogeologic units in the Coastal Plain of New Jersey and their delineation by borehole geophysical methods

Circular 1059 Late Pleistocene and Holocene development of Delaware Bay

Circular 1059 Paleohydrology of four watersheds in the New Jersey Coastal Plain

Circular 1059 Preliminary ostracode biostratigraphy of subsurface Campanian and Maastrichtian sections of the New Jersey Coastal Plain

Circular 1007 Manmade organic compounds in the surface waters of the United States: A review of current understanding

Circular 1002 Regional aquifer-system analysis program of the U.S. Geological Survey--Summary of projects, 1978-1984

Circular 1001 Estimated use of water in the United States in 1980

Circular 993 A review of surface-water sediment fractions and their interactions with persistent manmade organic compounds

Circular 974 U.S. Geological Survey Research on energy resources, 1986; program and abstracts

Circular 972 Bibliography on ground water in glacial-aquifer systems in the northeastern United States

CIrcular 946 Proceedings of the second U.S. Geological Survey workshop on the early Mesozoic Basins of the eastern United States

Circular 900 Guide to obtaining U.S. Geological Survey information

Circular 874 Chemical composition of bulk precipitation in the north-central and northeastern United States, December 1980 through February 1981

Circular 863 Water-data program of the U.S. Geological Survey

Circular 833 Geological studies of the COST No. B-3 well, United States Mid- Atlantic Continental Slope area

Circular 813 Transferring earth science information to decision makers - Problems and opportunities as experienced by the U.S. Geological Survey

Circular 790 Assessment of geothermal resources of the United States-1978

Circular 779 Geologic disposal of high-level radioactive wastes--Earth- science perspectives

Circular 765 Estimated use of water in the United States in 1975

Circular 753 Short papers of the U.S. Geological Survey Uranium- Thorium Symposium, 1977

Circular 750 Geological studies on the COST. No. B-2 well, U.S. Mid- Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf area

Circular 745 Water consumption by nuclear powerplants and some hydrological implications

Circular 676 Estimated use of water in the United States in 1970

Circular 651 Index of surface-water records to September 30, 1970--Part 1, North Atlantic slope basins

Circular 556 Estimated use of water in the United States, 1965

Circular 377 Floods of August 1955 in the northeastern states

Circular 190 Index of water-resources records in the Delaware River basin to September 30, 1951



Web Bulletins

Bulletin 2016.05.045 Reilly, T.J., Focazio, M.J., Simmons, D.L., 2016.  Resetting the bar: Establishing baselines for persistent contaminants after Hurricane Sandy in the coastal environments of New Jersey and New York, USA.  Marine Pollution Bulletin

Bulletin 2016.04.027 Ng, K., Szabo, Z., Reilly, P.A., Barringer, J.L, Smalling, K.L., 2016.  An assessment of mercury in estuarine sediment and tissue in Southern New Jersey using public domain data. Marine Pollution Bulletin

Bulletin 2016.02.077 Kelly L. Smalling, Ashok D. Deshpande, Heather S. Galbraith, Beth L. Sharack, DeMond Timmons, Ronald J. Baker.  Regional assessment of persistent organic pollutants in resident mussels from New Jersey and New York estuaries following Hurricane Sandy. Marine Pollution Bulletin

Bulletin 2016.03.019 Smalling KL, Deshpande AD, Blazer VS, Dockum BW, Timmons D, Sharack BL, Baker RJ, Samson J, Reilly TJ.  Young of the year bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) as a bioindicator of estuarine health: Establishing a new baseline for persistent organic pollutants after Hurricane Sandy for selected estuaries in New Jersey and New York.  Marine Pollution Bulletin

Bulletin 2016.04.018 Romanok, K.; Szabo, Z.;  Reilly,T.; Defne, Z.; Ganju, N.  Sediment Chemistry and Toxicity in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey: Pre- and Post- Hurricane Sandy, 2012-2013. Marine Pollution Bulletin

Print Bulletins

Bulletin 70114858 Occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern along the California coast (2009-10) using passive sampling devices: Marine Pollution Bulletin, 81: 347 - 354

Bulletin 2209-N Mineral Resource Assessment of Marine Sand Resources in Cape- and Ridge-Associated Marine Sand Deposits in Three Tracts, New York and New Jersey, United States Atlantic Continental Shelf

Bulletin 1971 Geologic and geochemical factors controlling uranium, radium-226, and radon-222 in ground water, Newark Basin, New Jersey

Bulletin 1952 The Byram Intrusive Suite of the Reading Prong - Age and tectonic environment

Bulletin 1952 The High Point Member (upper Ordovician) of the Martinsburg Formation in northern New Jersey and southeastern New York

Bulletin 1952 The Lake Hopatcong Intrusive Suite (Middle Proterozoic) of the New Jersey Highlands

Bulletin 1952 The Mount Eve Granite (Middle Proterozoic) of northern New Jersey and southeastern New York

Bulletin 1829 Eocene to Miocene biostratigraphy of New Jersey core ACGS #4; implications for regional stratigraphy

Bulletin 1769 Miocene marine diatoms from the Kirkwood Formation, Atlantic County, New Jersey

Bulletin 1559 Palynology and stratigraphy of Cretaceous and Pleistocene sediments on Long Island, New York; a basis for correlation with New Jersey coastal plain sediments

Bulletin 1276 Geology of the Sandy Hook quadrangle in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Bulletin 1260-E Summary report on the geology and mineral resources of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey

Bulletin 1274-H Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in New Jersey, Delaware, and eastern Maryland

Bulletin 1244-H The Martinsburg Formation (Middle and Upper Ordovician) in the Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania-New Jersey

Bulletin 1243 Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian stratigraphy of northeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and southeastern most New York

Bulletin 1194-L Carbonate rocks of Cambrian and Ordovician age, Northampton and Bucks Counties, eastern Pennsylvania, and Warren and Hunterdon Counties, western New Jersey

Bulletin 1082-B Radioactive rare-earth deposit at Scrub Oaks mine, Morris County, New Jersey

Bulletin 995-F Some magnetite deposits in New Jersey

Bulletin 982-F Magnetite deposits of the Sterling Lake, New York-Ringwood, New Jersey area

Bulletin 982-G Geology of the Dover magnetite district, Morris County, New Jersey

Bulletin 955-A Drill-hole correlation as an aid in exploration of magnetite deposits of the Jersey Highlands, New York and New Jersey

Bulletin 920 Pre-Cambrian geology and mineral resources of the Delaware Water Gap and Easton quadrangles, New Jersey-Pennsylvania

Bulletin 832 The crystal cavities of the New Jersey zeolite region

Bulletin 828 Geology and mineral resources of the Quakertown-Doylestown district, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Bulletin 727 Potash in the greensands of New Jersey

Bulletin 644-N Triangulation and primary traverse, 1913-1915; R.B. Marshall, Chief Geographer. Triangulation and primary traverse in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 1913-1915


Professional Papers

PP 1565-A Late Proterozoic diabase dikes of the New Jersey Highlands; a remnant of Iapetan rifting in the north-central Appalachians

PP 1565-B Geology, geochemistry, and tectonostratigraphic relations of the crystalline basement beneath the coastal plain of New Jersey and contiguous areas

PP 1565-C Geochemistry and stratigraphic relations of middle Proterozoic rocks of the New Jersey Highlands

PP 1554 Evolutionary, biostratigraphic and taxonomic study of calcareous nannofossils from a continuous Paleocene-Eocene boundary section in New Jersey

PP 1484 Stratigraphy of the tertiary sediments in a 945-foot-deep corehole near Mays Landing in the southeastern New Jersey Coastal Plain

PP 1404-A The regional aquifer system underlying the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain in parts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York; summary

PP 1404-B Hydrogeologic framework of the New Jersey Coastal Plain, Regional Aquifer-System Analysis--northern Atlantic Coastal Plain

PP 1404-D The occurrence and geochemistry of salty ground water in the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain, Regional Aquifer-System Analysis--Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain

PP 1404-G Hydrogeologic framework of the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain in parts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York

PP 1404-H Ground-water flow in the New Jersey Coastal Plain

PP 1404-K Geohydrology and simulation of ground-water flow in the Northern Atlantic coastal Plain aquifer system

PP 1200-NJ The national gazetteer of the United States of America - New Jersey 1982

PP 1130 Hydrologic and human aspects of the 1976-77 drought

PP 1067-D Upper Cenozoic sediments of the lower Delaware Valley and the northern Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland

PP 1023 The Lyon Station-Paulins Kill nappe--The frontal structure of the Musconetcong nappe system in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

PP 977 Stratigraphic distribution of some pollen types from the Campanian and lower Maestrichtian rocks (upper Cretaceous) of the Middle Atlantic States

PP 898 Slump blocks in the Atlantic Highlands of New Jersey

PP 881 Geologic evaluation of waste-storage potential in selected segments of the Mesozoic aquifer system below the zone of fresh water, Atlantic Coastal Plain, North Carolina through New Jersey

PP 864-A A review and interpretation of the geologic setting of the Watchung Basalt flows, New Jersey

PP 864-B Joint systems in the Watchung Basalt flows, New Jersey

PP 845 Ammonites from the Navesink Formation at Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

PP 813-I Summary appraisals of the Nation's ground-water resources--Mid-Atlantic region

PP 800-B Population density as an indirect indicator of urban and suburban land-surface modifications

PP 800-D Late Pleistocene glaciation and pollen stratigraphy in northwestern New Jersey

PP 796 Structural and stratigraphic framework and spatial distribution of the permeability of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, North Carolina to New York

PP 750-B Stratigraphic interpretations of some Cretaceous microfossil floras of the Middle Atlantic States

PP 708 Ground-water hydraulics

PP 674 Stratigraphy of the outcropping post-Magothy Upper Cretaceous formations in southern New Jersey and northern Delmarva Peninsula, Delaware and Maryland

PP 659 Geologic framework and petroleum potential of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and Continental Shelf

PP 650-B Occurrence and movement of ground water in the Brunswick Shale at a site near Trenton, New Jersey

PP 650-C Geochemistry of iron in a coastal-plain ground water of the Camden, New Jersey, area

PP 638 Geology and magnetite deposits of the Franklin quadrangle and part of the Hamburg quadrangle, New Jersey

PP 600-B Reservoir effect on downstream water temperatures in the Upper Delaware River basin

PP 600-D Computation of reaeration coefficients for a river system in northeastern New Jersey

PP 575-B Use of digital recorders with pond gages for measuring storm runoff

PP 575-C The construction and use of flow-volume curves

PP 575-D High-resolution subbottom seismic profiles of the Delaware estuary and Bay mouth

PP 563-C Distribution of roots and rhizomes in different soil types in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey

PP 550-B Domes in the Atlantic Coastal Plain east of Trenton, New Jersey

PP 550-B Sandblasted blocks on a hill in the Coastal Plain of New Jersey

PP 550-B Time-of-travel measurements on the Passaic and Pompton Rivers, New Jersey

PP 550-C Relationships of fresh and salty ground water in the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain of the United States

PP 529-G Atlantic Continental Shelf and Slope of the United States - Heavy minerals of the continental margin from southern Nova Scotia to northern New Jersey

PP 529-J Atlantic continental shelf and slope of the United States; petrology of the sand fraction of sediments, northern New Jersey to southern Florida

PP 529-K Atlantic continental shelf and slope of the United States; sand-size fraction of bottom sediments, New Jersey to Nova Scotia

PP 529-M Atlantic continental shelf and slope of the United States; texture of surface sediments from New Jersey to southern Florida

PP 525-B Effect of Great Swamp, New Jersey, on streamflow during base- flow periods

PP 525-D Changes in quality of water in the Passaic River at Little Falls, New Jersey, as shown by long-term data

PP 501-B Cesium and strontium sorption studies on glauconite

PP 501-B Foraminifera from the Exogyra ponderosa zone of the Marshalltown Formation at Auburn, New Jersey

PP 501-C Petrography of the basement gneiss beneath the Coastal Plain sequence, Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

PP 498-A Hydrochemical facies and ground-water flow patterns in northern part of Atlantic Coastal Plain

PP 498-B Variations in chemical character of water in the Englishtown Formation, New Jersey

PP 475-D Height-frequency relations for New Jersey floods

PP 475-B Stratigraphic section at Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

PP 450-B Cation hydrochemical facies of ground water in the Englishtown Formation, New Jersey

PP 450-B Marginal sea of middle Eocene age in New Jersey

PP 450-B Movement of ground water beneath the bed of the Mullica River in the Wharton Tract, southern New Jersey

PP 450-D Winter ground-water temperatures along the Mullica River, Wharton Tract, New Jersey

PP 424-C Distribution of clay- sized sediments in the Coastal Plain formations near Trenton, New Jersey

PP 424-C Redefinition of the Mount Laurel sand (upper Cretaceous) in New Jersey

PP 424-C End moraines on Kittatinny Mountain, Sussex County, New Jersey

PP 424-D Natural movement of ground water at a site on the Mullica River in the Wharton Tract, southern New Jersey

PP 417-B Some relations between streamflow characteristics and the environment in the Delaware River region

PP 411-D Review of some elements of soil-moisture theory

PP 400-B Concentrations of "ilmenite" in the Miocene and post-Miocene formations near Trenton, New Jersey

PP 400-B Differential subsidence of the southern part of the New Jersey Coastal Plain since early late Cretaceous time

PP 400-B Some characteristics of glauconite from the Coastal Plain formations of New Jersey

PP 400-B Taconic and post- Taconic folds in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey

PP 381 Water resources of the Delaware River basin

PP 287 Geology and magnetite deposits of Dover district, Morris County, New Jersey

PP 264-B Additions to the fauna of the Raritan Formation (Cenomanian) of New Jersey

PP 180 The minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, Sussex County, New Jersey



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