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New Jersey Water Science Center Publications
Other Publications

The USGS New Jersey Water Science Center publishes water-information reports on many topics and in many formats. From this Web page, you can locate, view, download, or order scientific and technical articles and reports as well as general interest publications such as booklets, fact sheets, pamphlets, and posters resulting from the research performed by our scientists and partners.

Data Series Geologic Atlas Geophysical Map Geoligic Quadrangle Hydrologic Atlas IMAP Land Use Monograph Miscellanious Trace Element

Data Series (DS)

DS 811  Reilly, T.J., Smalling, K.L., Meyer, M.T., Sandstrom, M.W., Hladik, M.L., Boehlke, A.R., Fishman, N.S., Battaglin, W.A., and Kuivila, K.M., 2014, Occurrence of pesticides in groundwater and sediments and mineralogy of sediments and grain coatings underlying the Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Upper Deerfield, New Jersey, 2007: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 811, 53 p.

DS 0867  Romanok, K.M., Reilly, T.J., Lopez, A.R., Trainor, J.J., Hladik, M.L., Stanley, J.K., and Farrar, Daniel, 2014, Characterization of selected bed-sediment-bound organic and inorganic contaminants and toxicity, Barnegat Bay and major tributaries, New Jersey, 2012: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 867, 51 p.

DS 0956  Smalling, K.L., Deshpande, A.D., Blazer, V.S., Galbraith, H., Dockum, B.W., Romanok, K.M., Colella, K., Deetz, A.C., Fisher, I.J., Imbrigiotta, T.E., Sharack, B., Sumner, L, Timmons, D., Trainor, J., Wieczorek, D, Samson, J., Reilly, T.J., and Focazio, M.J., 2015, Chemical and ancillary data associated with bed sediment, young of year bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) tissue, and mussel (Mytilus edulis and Geukensia demissa) tissue collected after Hurricane Sandy in bays and estuaries of New Jersey and New York, 2013–14: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 956, 18 p.


Folios of the Geologic Atlas (GF)

GF 83  New York City folio, Paterson, Harlem, Staten Island, and Brooklyn quadrangles, New York-New Jersey

GF 211  Elkton-Wilmington, Md.-Delaware-New Jersey- Pennsylvainia

GF 191  Raritan, New Jersey

GF 167  Trenton, New Jersey-Pennsylvainia

GF 162  Philadelphia, Pennsylvainia-New Jersey-Delaware (Norristown, Germantown, Chester, and Philadelphia quadrangles)

GF 161  Franklin Furnace, New Jersey

GF 157  Passaic, New Jersey-New York

GF 137  Dover folio, Delaware-Maryland-New Jersey


Geophysical Investigation Map (GP)

GP 573  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the Pittstown and part of the High Bridge quadrangles, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

GP 572  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the parts of the Lambertville, Lumberville, and Stockton quadrangles, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

GP 571  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the Frenchtown and part of the Riegelsville quadrangles, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

GP 570  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the Bloomsbury and part of the Easton quadrangles, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

GP 569  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the Belvidere quadrangle, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

GP 568  Natural gamma aeroradioactivity map of the Bangor quadrangle, New Jersey and Pennsylvania


Geologic Quadrangle (GQ)

GQ 908  Geologic map of the Bushkill quadrangle, Pennsylvania-New Jersey

GQ 665  Geologic map of the Bangor quadrangle, Pennsylvania-New Jersey

GQ 595  Geologic map of the Bloomsbury quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 594  Geologic map of the Easton quadrangle, New Jersey-Pennsylvania

GQ 593  Geologic map of the Riegelsville quadrangle Pennsylvania-New Jersey

GQ 566  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Allentown quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 404  Geologic map of the Woodstown quadrangle, Gloucester and Salem Counties, New Jersey

GQ 342  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Bristol quadrangle, New Jersey- Pennsylvania

GQ 341  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Trenton East quadrangle, New Jersey-Pennsylvania

GQ 340  Geology of the Roosevelt quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 272  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Mount Holly quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 264  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Browns Mills quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 262  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Pemberton quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 1741  Bedrock geologic map of the Washington quadrangle, Warren, Hunterdon, and Morris counties, New Jersey

GQ 1717  Bedrock geologic map of the Tranquility quadrangle, Warren, Sussex, and Morris counties, New Jersey

GQ 1707  Bedrock geologic map of the Newton East quadrangle, Sussex County, New Jersey

GQ 1703  Bedrock geologic map of the Newton West quadrangle, Sussex and Warren counties, New Jersey

GQ 1700  Bedrock geologic map of the Unionville quadrangle, Orange County, new York, and Sussex County, New Jersey

GQ 1699  Bedrock geologic map of the Branchville quadrangle, Sussex County, New Jersey

GQ 1671  Bedrock geologic map of the Stanhope quadrangle, Sussex and Morris Counties, New Jersey

GQ 161  Pre-Quaternary geology of the New Egypt quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 160  Pre-Quaternary geology of the Columbus quadrangle, New Jersey

GQ 1585  Geologic map of the Blairstown quadrangle, Warren County, New Jersey

GQ 133  Geology of the Frenchtown quadrangle, New Jersey-Pennsylvania

GQ 1047  Geologic map of the Stroudsburg quadrangle, Pennsylvania-New Jersey


Hydrologic Atlas (HA)

HA 732-A  Hydrogeologic terranes and potential yield of water to wells in the Valley and Ridge physiographic province in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

HA 730-L  Ground water atlas of the United States: Segment 11, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

HA 697  Distribution of bottom sediments and effects of proposed dredging in the ship channel of the Delaware River between northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware, 1984

HA 65  Tidal floods, Atlantic City and vicinity, New Jersey

HA 61  Stream composition of the conterminous United States

HA 557  Geohydrologic maps of the Potomac- Raritan-Magothy aquifer system in the New Jersey Coastal Plain

HA 378  Floods in Beden Brook basin in Somerset and Mercer Counties, New Jersey

HA 359  Floods in upper Millstone River basin in the vicinity of Hightstown, New Jersey

HA 335  Water quality in the Delaware estuary for two years of drought, 1965 and 1966 from Trenton, New Jersey, to Reedy Island, Delaware

HA 263  Floods on Delaware River in the vicinity of Belvidere, New Jersey

HA 246  Floods at Easton, Pennsylvania-Phillipsburg, New Jersey

HA 245  Floods on Millstone River and Stony Brook in the vicinity of Princeton, New Jersey

HA 243  Effect of drought on water resources in the Northeast

HA 200  Chemical quality of public water supplies of the United States and Puerto Rico, 1962

HA 199  Preliminary map of the conterminous United States showing depth to and quality of shallowest ground water containing more than 1,000 parts per million dissolved solids

HA 11  Precipitation, water loss, and runoff in the Delaware River basin and New Jersey

HA 104  Floods on Raritan and Millstone Rivers in Somerset County, New Jersey


IMAP (Various Series Names)

IMAP 884  Geologic map of the surficial deposits in the Trenton area, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

IMap 861  Generalized pre-Pleistocene geologic map of the northern United States Atlantic continental margin

IMAP 795  Bedrock topography and thickness of Pleistocene deposits in Union County and adjacent areas, New Jersey

IMAP 552  Geologic map and sections of parts of the Portland and Belvidere quadrangles, New Jersey-Pennsylvania

IMAP 549  Bedrock topography of eastern Morris and western Essex Counties, New Jersey

IMAP 514-C  Engineering geology of the Northeast Corridor, Washington, D.C., to Boston, Massachusetts: Earthquake epicenters, geothermal gradients, and excavations and borings

IMAP 514-B  Engineering geology of the Northeast Corridor, Washington, D.C., to Boston Massachusetts: Coastal Plain and surficial deposits

IMAP 514-A  Engineering geology of the Northeast Corridor, Washington, D.C., to Boston, Massachusetts: Bedrock geology

IMAP 476  Map showing distribution of ultramafic and intrusive mafic rocks from northern New Jersey to eastern Alabama

IMAP 346   Geology of the Franklin and part of the Hamburg quadrangles, New Jersey

IMAP 2540-D Surficial geologic map of central and southern New Jersey

IMAP 2540-C  Surficial geologic map of central and northern New Jersey

IMAP 2540-B  Bedrock geologic map of central and southern New Jersey

IMAP 2540-A  Bedrock geologic map of northern New Jersey

IMAP 2306  Bedrock and engineering geologic maps of New York County and parts of Kings and Queens counties, New York, and parts of Bergen and Hudson counties, New Jersey

IMAP 1982  Orientation, movement history, and cataclastic rocks of Ramapo fault based on core drilling and trenching along the western margin of the Newark basin near Bernardsville, New Jersey

IMAP 1715  Geologic map of the Newark 1 x2  quadrangle, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York

IMAP 1608  A geologic map of the continental slope off New Jersey; Lindenkohl Canyon to Toms Canyon

IMAP 1530  Geologic map of the eastern parts of the Belvidere and Portland quadrangles, Warren County, New Jersey


Scientific Investigations Map (MAP)

MAP 3299  Watson, K.M., and Niemoczynski, M.J., 2014, Flood-inundation maps for the Saddle River in Ho-Ho-Kus Borough, the Village of Ridgewood, and Paramus Borough, New Jersey, 2013: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3299, 10 p.


Land Use / Land Cover

L 82  Land use and land cover, 1972-73, New York, New York; New Jersey, Connecticut

L 65  Land use and land cover, 1973, Salisbury, Maryland; Delaware; New Jersey; Virginia

L 38  Land use and land cover, 1972, Wilmington, Delaware; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Maryland

L 35  Land use and land cover, 1974, Scranton, Pennsylvania; New York; New Jersey

L 33  Land use and land cover, 1974, Newark, New Jersey; Pennsylvania; New York



M 9  Brachiopoda and Lamellibranchiata of the Raritan clays and greensand marls of New Jersey

M 24  Mollusca and Crustacea of the Miocene formations in New Jersey

M 18  Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan clays and Greensand marls of New Jersey

M 14  Fossil fishes and fossil plants of the Triassic rocks of New Jersey and the Connecticut Valley


Miscellanious Field Studies Map

MF 828  Maps and graphic data related to geologic hazards in the Baltimore Canyon Trough area

MF 798  Land use and land cover Central Atlantic Regional Ecological Test Site (CARETS), 1972

MF 578-A  Map showing slate quarries and dumps in the Stroudsburg quadrangle, Pennsylvania-New Jersey, with a discussion of their environmental significance

MF 2221  Bathymetry, sidescan sonar image, and surficial geological interpretation of the inner shelf off Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey

MF 2208  Stratigraphic relations of the sedimentary rocks below the Lower Jurassic Orange Mountain Basalt, northern Newark Basin, New Jersey and New York

MF 2066  Distribution of selected Ordovician conodont faunas in northern New Jersey

MF 1781  Altitude, movement history, and structure of cataclastic rocks of the Flemington Fault; results of core drilling near Oldwick, New Jersey

MF 1443  Detailed bathymetric map of the United States Continental Slope between Lindenkohl Canyon and Toms Canyon, offshore New Jersey

MF 1260  Seismicity map of the State of New Jersey


Trace Element Investigations

TEI 639  Radioactive rare-earth deposit at the Scrub Oaks mine, Morris County, New Jersey

TEI 580  Bibliography and index of literature on uranium and thorium and radioactive occurrences in the United States

TEI 503  The distribution of uranium in the alkalic rocks of Sussex County, New Jersey

TEI 392  Search for radioactive intrusive rocks in New Jersey, New York, and New England



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